Windshield Replacement Questions to Ask

Windshield replacement or repair is one of those tasks in life that isn’t a pleasure to knock out. No matter if it was an ex-partner who smashed your windshield, or a piece of gravel that caused a large chip in your windshield, the damaged auto glass has to be replaced or repaired. The drill should be simple, call a windshield repair shop to schedule an appointment, but a car owner needs to ask a series of vital questions before proceeding. A solid understanding of the practices followed by the windshield replacement company will help ensure that the job is completed speedily and with high-quality materials.

Protect you and your family by asking an auto glass shop the following questions about windshield repair and replacement:

  • Will you be able to provide me a written quote for any charges I should expect?
  • If the chip or crack is between the size of a nickel and a quarter, will you be able to offer windshield repair?
  • Will insurance pay for my windshield repair, and will your repair shop work with my automobile insurance company?
  • Do you offer a warranty on the replacement auto glass and the materials used to repair windshield chips or cracks?
  • If I am unable to schedule time for an in-shop windshield repair, will you be able to send a certified specialist to a place that is convenient for me?

There are too many shady characters out there, always make an effort to know who has your safety in their hands. You will find that the certified auto glass specialists from Fix it Fast Auto Glass are happy to answer all of the questions that we receive. We want to put you at ease by providing top-notch customer service, high standards and the best products available. Please contact us at 844-854-5277 to pose your questions.