Tips for avoiding windshield damage

More than one factor can result in a cracked or chipped Kia Optima windshield. If you know what conditions you should try to avoid, you can avoid the danger!

Failing to drive appropriately on gravel:

If you need to drive on a rural road covered in crushed rock, your car may flip debris up and into your windshield. Rocks or gravel kicked up and into the air can also come from cars and trucks in front of you, so always practice driving at a safe distance.

Even a normal Tampa city road can be covered in construction debris. If you notice chunks of wood or rocks, try to take action to avoid driving over it.

Following too closely behind a commercial vehicle:

Trucks employed in construction are often loaded with refuse and debris which means it is possible for all of the following to hit and crack your windshield:

  • Scrap metal.
  • Scrap wood.
  • Cracked concrete blocks.

The windshield replacement team from Fix it Fast Auto Glass is available to discuss the replacement process and make you an appointment for windshield installation! If you are in Tampa or any of its surrounding communities, you will be able to reach us at 844-854-5277.