The frustration of a cracked windshield!

It is frustrating and dangerous to drive around Tampa with a cracked or chipped windshield!

Damage to your windshield can impair your vision and potentially contribute to an accident. Injuries caused by breaking glass can be very severe. Its victims are often left with facial scars and deformities due to glass cracking or a body being ejected directly through the windshield.

It is possible to try to put off having your windshield repaired, but waiting until your finances are in order will likely lead to the problem becoming a lot worse. A small chip or crack may spread, damaging the overall integrity of the automobile windshield. The cracks start small, but they only grow, and can eventually lead to your windshield looking like a spider web and cause the whole surface to splinter into one thousand pieces.

Specific regulations put in place by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration clearly express the requirements for windshield and auto glass conditions and visibility across the US, and require Florida to enforce the rules. A car or truck windshield must not have:

  • Intersecting cracks.
  • Damage and cracks that can be covered by a disc that has a diameter of 3/4”.
  • Discoloration with the exception of non-reflective tint that is allowed above the AS-1 line.

Keep in mind, your windshield serves as a key component of your safety in your car or truck as it helps maintain the integrity of the roof if there is a rollover, and it helps prevent vehicle ejections. Now is the time to get your windshield replaced or repaired to ensure the safety of your loved ones!