Taking steps to protect your windshield

Numerous factors can result in a damaged car windshield. If you know what conditions to try to sidestep, you can also avoid auto glass cracks and a call for our mobile service!

Driving on gravel!

If you have to travel on a road covered in gravel or crushed limestone, your car may spin debris into the air and up onto your windshield. Airborne gravel or rocks can also come from the vehicles in front of you, so stay a safe distance behind a car that kicks-up rocks.

Even a normal blacktop road can be strewn with an array of debris. Try to take evasive action in a safe way to avoid major damage to your windshield.

Driving behind a truck from a construction site!

Vehicles involved in construction are often loaded with debris from demolition, which means that all of the following could hit your windshield or side auto glass:

  • Dirt.
  • Tools.
  • Rocks.
  • Trash from the construction site.

To avoid worrying about whether your deductible applies for a windshield replacement, it should not in Florida, keep a reasonable distance from any construction vehicles.

Car accidents!

You already know that a Florida auto accident can result in a broken windshield, and a call from our Fix it Fast Auto Glass team to your Florida auto insurance provider. However, even small accidents can cause major chips or cracks. Even kids playing baseball can accidentally hit your car windshield with a ball, leaving you concerned that your insurance premiums will increase due to an unexpected auto glass replacement. You can avoid the problem by parking far enough away from the field.

Please Note: While your insurance premiums should not increase for auto glass replacement in Florida, it is always in your best interest to make a call to your auto insurance provider before scheduling auto glass repair.

The team from Fix it Fast Auto Glass is available to offer the owners of cars and RV’s information about windshield replacement across Florida!