Sunroof Maintenance and Care

Purchasing a vehicle with a sunroof can be a lot of fun, but if you do not maintain the sunroof if can become a problem. This is particularly true if the sunroof is added by a third party after you purchase your vehicle, since the seals are not mounted in the original factory. An after-market sunroof is prone to leaks and cracking. No matter if your sunroof is factory-mounted or one that was installed at home, you will find this one simple trick will help you add years to your sunroof’s longevity.

Sunroof Debris Removal

The track surrounding the sunroof needs to be cleaned. Remove all accumulated debris and any lubricant that may have made its way into the track. The ideal tool for loosening debris is a toothbrush, and a generic cotton swab will allow you to wipe the grime. If the old school elbow grease method using a toothbrush is not your style, you can use a tiny keyboard vacuum. Be sure to pay attention to the drain holes in the channel, since dirt and grease tends to build-up in the holes.

Upon completion of cleaning the sunroof channels, you will want to clean the glass itself with a cleaner that does not contain any vinegar or ammonia. Both of these Ingredients will result in streaking when the sunroof is exposed to the weather.