Spring and Summer Windshield Damage

It is highly likely that one day either this spring or summer, you will discover a storm has caused debris or hail to damage your car windshield or other auto glass. The calendar period falling from May through October is marked by:

  • Hail.
  • Thunderstorms.
  • Heavy afternoon rain.
  • Potential tropical storms.

All of the described potential weather can lead to a small chip or a splintering crack, both of which can make it difficult to see and avoid road hazards. A damaged windshield can also lead to a fender bender, or a serious automobile accident in which a family member or friend can suffer life-altering injuries due to the force of the impact and shattered glass.

If spring and summer storms leave you with damaged auto glass, you need to contact Fix it Fast Auto Glass to schedule an auto glass repair or replacement. Our auto glass professionals will come to a location of your choice with premium replacement windshield glass, to do a speedy, high-quality windshield replacement. We help ensure you see what is on the road and we help keep your family safe in the process!