Information for the well-informed consumer:

Understand your rights:

As a Florida driver with a comprehensive insurance policy, it is your right to choose which facility will install your replacement auto glass.

Comprehensive insurance coverage:

In Florida, repair or replacement of the windshield will be performed without the insured being forced to pay their deductible. Some insurers will offer complete coverage for tempered glass, but we will need to verify this on a case by case basis.

Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC):

The AGSC is a non-profit National Recognized organization devoted to the safety of windshield replacements. The AGSC developed North Americas only auto glass safety standard and is accredited by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI). Fix it Fast Auto Glass believes in following the National standards with every glass replacement.


Glasweld has been manufacturing glass repair equipment for the auto glass industry for more than twenty-five years. All Fix it Fast Auto Glass repairs are powered by Glasweld.

Sika Adhesives:

Sika is known as one of the best producers of automotive adhesives worldwide.

OEM Glass:

All Original Equipment Manufacturer auto glass is ordered direct from the dealership. Brands like Mopar and Carlite are readily found through wholesale glass distributors. Please note that all OEM auto glass will have the logo from the auto manufacturer on the glass.

Aftermarket Auto Glass:

Manufactures such as PILKINGTON and PGW manufacture glass for automobile manufacturers and the aftermarket realm. Some glass manufactures only produce glass for the aftermarket realm. We pride ourselves in only using top notch glass in your vehicle.

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