4 Reasons to Repair or Replace a Windshield

Few of us spend much time thinking about how our windshield works as an important safety barrier between the passenger compartment and the outside world. It is of great importance that your windshield is kept in good shape and able to serve its primary purpose. If the windshield in your vehicle has a crack or is chipped, it is a good idea to make a call to the windshield replacement specialists from Glassmetics. Here is a look at a few signs that suggest it is time for a windshield replacement:

The windshield is cracked:

Florida Statute 627.7288 requires that your insurer replace or repair your windshield with no deductible being paid if you have comprehensive insurance coverage, and the damage was not incurred in a collision. This means it is a great idea to minimize potential risk and just get the windshield replaced by a reputable auto glass replacement shop.

The windshield is scratched:

A single scratch on your windshield is not usually a problem but extensive scratching can limit your visibility, creating a situation where you might not have enough time to react to a road hazard.

The windshield aids structural integrity:

When your windshield is chipped or cracked it loses the rigidity found in an undamaged windshield. This means that it is possible for a cracked windshield to shatter in the event of even a low speed collision. Make sure your vehicle is as safe as possible by replacing the damaged windshield as soon as possible.

Your vehicle deserves a treat:

If you previously had a new windshield installed by a less than reputable company, it may not have been inserted correctly or the company may not have used the proper installation materials. Poor installation processes can expose your car to leaks, bringing on rust and mold. Replacing or repairing the windshield will help guarantee a bright future for your car.

It begins with a small chip or crack in the windshield. Most people do not rush out to get it fixed immediately but as time goes by, the damage will grow, and you will be at risk. The best way to avoid dire consequences is to replace or repair damaged auto glass as soon as possible.

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